A & N

Sing, cry, laugh, play, dance and dine in our little festivity. Take on your dresses and tuxedos, batiks are always welcome. Let's spread the sparks of merriment together, since your presence is the most beautiful gift for us.

Who & Why

Andi is a science geek (wannabe (actually)). He has a sturdy faith in a theory that aliens are out there beyond our old tiny earth. Who knows if he is an exiled alien? Earth is sure, under maximum surveillance now.

Nengayu is a half romantic a half nihilist. She believes that the world is made by imagination. Poetry is her escape and reality equals to unreality in disguise.

They know nothing about the future or how Fate works. Made an acquaintance in 2011, they started to have a casual friendship. Fate giggles all the while, oh, you naughty mighty Fate! For it knows they had to be together. So, after a long lonesome wander, they became boyfriend and girlfriend in the second day of holy Shawwal 1434 H. Ahem! Confetti is expected now.

Yay! Now it's show time. The wedding day is on the way. Prepare your best suit and tie. Or maybe some slices of apple pie.


When & Where

We would like you to join us celebrating the Whole Wedding Wonder as we exchange the very vivacious vow:

Saturday, the ninth of May, Two thousand and fifteen

at eleven in the morning up to three in the afternoon

at La Tansa Hall

Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Bypass

Rangkasbitung Lebak Banten



A chunk of our microcosm